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Nydia Marsella

Video Producer | Content Creator

Nydia began her professional career as an architect in Caracas, Venezuela. Not long after arriving in New York City, she decided to pursue a career in television, and spent eight years working for the nation’s first public Hispanic television network as a producer, writer, editor, and on-camera talent. She has produced hundreds of hours of programming aimed at creating value for the Hispanic community, and has been nominated for five Emmy awards.

She is a partner at Think Happy Media, and a producer and host of her own Spanish language cooking show called Mi Cocina Virtual.

Uri Rosenrauch

Writer | Content Creator

Uri grew up on the rough and tumble streets of pre-gentrified Brooklyn where he mastered the art of Jew Jitsu – the ancient Hebrew martial art of running away. His fierce determination to wield his pen rather than his sword has led to two Emmy nominations for writing.

If you’re looking for content for your website, a script for your commercial or a narrative for your video – especially humorous content – you’re in the right place.